Larusi tribal rugs and textiles was set up by Moroccan native and UK resident Souad Larusi in 2000, initially specializing in the weavings of the Berber tribes of Morocco to bring them to a wider audience and to encourage their use for interior decoration.

Now, more than 10 years later, spurned on by her curiosity for well crafted textiles and weavings and encouraged by loyal clients’ particular needs, she has cast the net wider and built up a collection with an enlarged range of textiles from all over the world.

The recent resurgent interest in tribal weavings, and in particular Berber Beni Ouarain rugs, has seen a large quantity of low grade imitations flooding the market.

From the outset Larusi has sought to offer only weavings of quality and value, that are genuinely old/vintage. The collection at GARDE follows below. All pieces are vintage. Click on any description for more information and for how to purchase.

Beni Ouarain pile rug, 48″ x 69″
Beni Ouarain pile rug, 56″ x 85″
High Atlas pile rug, 38″ x 72″
Loop pile Beni Ouarain; rags sewn from back to front, 51″ x 71″
Vintage Moroccan from Azilal region (NE of Merrakech), 49″ x 87″
Vintage Moroccan from Azilal region (NE of Merrakech), 52″ x 89″
Anatolian Kilim Runner – Turkish, 2.3″ x 9.6″
Anatolian Kilim Runner – Turkish, 2′ x 12.7″